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Welcome to Ganjly CBD, the Exclusive CBD Marketplace!

Ganjly CBD is a Family-Owned CBD Marketplace. We say exclusive because we have carefully chosen the CBD companies we partnered with. We have turned down companies that did not pass our high standards. We have curated the best quality CBD products on the market and have only partnered with CBD companies we vetted, researched and trusted.

Our Stringent Criteria:

We have sampled CBD products and carefully selected the best for you. We require manufacturers to complete an application before representing their brand.

This application requires Hemp Disclosure Form and proof of third-party laboratory testing within the five major areas of concern (phytocannabinoids, microbiologic, residual solvents, heavy metals, pesticides/herbicides) as well as information regarding batch record processes and recall procedures.

Here are our criteria when vetting CBD companies:

The legitimacy of the Company: The business should have existed for more than six months. EIN and sales license should be submitted. Founders and CEO of the CBD companies have been interviewed through audio or video by our Founder, Clarisa Strohmeyer.

Mission and Vision of the Company: The company genuinely cares about the CBD community and strives to give the best quality products in the market.

Customer Service and Shipping: The CBD Company must have excellent customer service in terms of inquiries and returns and a tracking system for shipping.

Where it’s made: The CBD products should be made domestically in the US. It should be pesticide-free and metal-free. It should be farmed organically.

Certificate of Analysis: The CBD company must be willing to attach results of third-party lab testing in each of its products in Ganjly CBD. There should be less than .3% THC or zero THC in their products to be DEA and farm bill compliant.

We started GanjlyCBD to counteract the quality control issues in the growing hemp CBD oil market. Ganjly CBD offers the widest selection of fully-tested*, quality CBD products from the top reputable brands.

We stand by our partner brands while we constantly research new products and companies for our beloved customers. You can feel confident the products we carry are the best available!

Ganjly CBD also ensures the products they sell are only federally legal hemp-based products and are not derived from marijuana.

* All of the products sold on our shop have been thoroughly tested and Certificates of Analysis are available in each product description.

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