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How I Use CBD: Physician, Optimist, and Father

Jacob Silverstone Alia Science

Jacob Silverstone is the Founder of Alia Science. He is a physician, optimist and best of all, a father.

Alia Science products have been carefully formulated by a doctor, with the intentions of enriching your life.

Every ingredient has been carefully selected based on current and legitimate scientific research, also known as evidence-based medicine. 

Their CBD is derived from the mature stalk of the hemp plant, C02 extracted, isolated and decarboxylated in order to give you pure active CBD (and less than .3% THC).

They are in full compliance with the DEA and you are getting a premium high-quality isolate.

Jacob’s story is part of Ganjly CBD’s Founder Series. Check out our other testimonials here.

What made you start a CBD company?

Unfortunately, while looking for a product for myself and wife- we found the marketplace flooded with too many poorly made products. I wanted a premium grade CBD product I can proudly refer my patients to, as well as one I can take with confidence.

What laboratories are your products tested?

We are made in an FDA approved facility, so Our products are all independently tested through FDA standard QA. Our bottle has a reference number associated with a LOT, that means the label is 100% accurate. Our CBD isolate is also tested by Cannalysis Labs.

What made you start taking CBD?

Migraines; they were impacting my ability to function
Describe your daily CBD routine, products, and dosage?
I take 2ml daily of my Alia Sciences Headache formula, which has 8.5mg of pure CBD isolate in conjunction with a myriad of other supplements

How has CBD changed your life?

No Imitrex; I’ve avoided using this super expensive Pharma drug with better results! Imitrex has a known sedentary side effect; my Headache formula not only embodies the benefits of CBD but is rich with energy giving vitamins!
Have you recommended friends and family to use CBD products?
We are now being distributed throughout scores of medical practices, we are literally Doctor recommended!
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