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  • Hawk Awareness and Vitality Shooter 10mg CBD

    Our very handy and healing Awareness and Vitality Shooter with our full herbal formulation and 10mg CBD.  Small, cute and fierce these little daily shooters are available for you to hide anywhere! 


    If you need an extra little bump during the day our formulation will sharpen your mind and help you focus!  Perfect for that latter in the day energy drop.  The CBD will build up in your body and lower your inflammation response increasing your own ability to heal yourself.  Magic.


    believe in oneself


    cultivate inner power


    release the past


    control the mind


    awaken your potential


    release pain in the body


    TOTEM: The hawk watches from above and sees the bigger picture with a sharpness along with endless vitality. Allow the hawk to lead you to your greatest strength.


    INGREDIENTS: MCT Oil*, Maca*, Cordyceps*, Reishi*, Peppermint*, Full Spectrum CBD. (* indicates Organic)


    Download their Certificate of Analysis here.

  • Tranquility Tincture Shooter 10mg CBD

    Welcome to our handy hide anywhere Shooter edition of our Tranquility formula with 10 mg of CBD in each shot!  Hide them in your handbag, car, by the bed…Anywhere you feel you may need a deep exhale to relax… Our little shots of relaxation potion will help you take it down a notch!


    enter calm & relaxation


    gain peace of mind


    ease your muscles


    create restful sleep


    TOTEM: The whale moves with grace, intentionally creating flow through life. Relaxing more and more with every motion, allow whale’s playfulness to bring you back to a balanced and graceful state.


    INGREDIENTS: MCT Oil*, Kava Kava*, Skull Cap*, Vanilla Beans*, Chamomile*, Full Spectrum CBD (* indicates Organic)


    Download their Certificate of Analysis here.

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