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CBD Wellness Set, 300mg


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The CBD Wellness Set was created with the CBD lover in mind. The CBD Wellness Set is a collaboration of the best brands in the market and is here to spread relief and wellness.


Contents of the CBD Wellness Set

* G CBD High-Quality Tincture, 300mg

* G CBD Soothing Lavender and Eucalyptus CBD Balm Salve, 500mg

* Natural Recovery Greens, Single Serve Packet

* The CBD Jotter by Goldleaf, CBD Wellness Logbook

* Silverton Stashlogix, tan color

* Odor Absorbing Pax (activated bamboo carbon)


About the  G CBD High-Quality Tincture, 300mg

G CBD’s Premium Tincture is one of the most popular ways to experience the benefits of CBD. It is derived from 100% industrial hemp. Each drop contains our full spectrum Phytocannabinoid-Rich (PCR) CBD oil.

  • Natural, “earthy” hemp flavor
  • Is grown on legal, 100% organic U.S hemp farms. Is routinely tested to ensure THC amounts are under 0.3%
  • Has been genetically selected (and lab-verified) to contain only the richest amounts of CBD
  • Each 1 ml serving delivers 10 mg of CBD
  • Serving size is 1 dropper (1 ml) with 30 servings per bottle.
  • Ingredients: Fractionated Coconut Oil, Full Spectrum CBD.
  • Is 100% vegan and non-GMO


About the G CBD Soothing Lavender and Eucalyptus Balm Salve, 500mg

Get relief for joint pain and inflammation with the aid of the G CBD Soothing Lavender and Eucalyptus Balm Salve. All of our full spectrum CBD balms are made from a high-quality balanced combination of ingredients including beeswax, and aromatic Lavender and Eucalyptus essential oils to soothe discomfort and support skin health. We then infuse our balms with CBD hemp extract and all natural terpenes for scent. We carefully formulate our balms in our facility through a vertically integrated process that delivers high-quality products.  


About Natural Recovery Greens

Recover Better with Natural Recovery Greens. The first greens drink to combine highly bioavailable THC-free CBDs with the perfect blend of superfoods and enhancers for physical health and mindfulness. 

This product is infused with patented Micro-Encapsulated CBD (OleoCBD). Products Powered by OLEO are more bioavailable, offer measurable dosages and faster acting than traditional CBD products.

A single serving packet 12oz of delicious Natural Recovery Greens, and contains 25mg OleoCBD.


About the CBD Jotter by Goldleaf

The CBD Jotter is a pocket journal designed specifically for those who use CBD and want to better understand what doses, potencies & products work best for their body. It has a patient-focused layout. It is an ideal companion for anyone who regularly uses CBD concentrates, tinctures, edibles or topicals. It features helpful infographics, dosing recommendations, guided entry pages and much more.


About the Stashlogix Silverton

As a tribute to Colorado’s mining heritage and its herbal heritage, the Silverton conquers new frontiers, is smell-proof and lockable. Be organized, safe, and secure. The “silver lining”, along with the rubbers seals, blocks odors and is cleanable! Includes a metal poker and an OdorPax (odor absorbing packet).

Size: Small – OD 7.5″ L x 4″ W x 3 1/2″ H

Color: Tan

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